About HACCP product's certification

HACCP(Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point )

HACCP is a quality control system.
It manages the food safety risks and quality by risk analysis of risks and control to foresee and prevent the troubles (e.g. contamination) in all process from the material of the food to its production and the delivery by the regular observation and recording, the producers reduce the defective products.

HACCP product's certification

Kuraray Kuraflex got the product's certification from HACCP International. They evaluated the material, the design and the production site of Kuraray Kuraflex’s kitchen wipes.
They have an evaluation system for the equipment and materials used by the food producers to improve the safety of the food products they process.
Kuraray Kuraflex puts the certification Logo on the certified products in the series.

Kuraray Kuraflex is the first Japanese company to receive certification for kitchen wipes. Kuraray Kuraflex will keep contributing to the food industry with the kitchen wipes for the safety and the hygiene of foods.


Advantages of Using Certified Products

Our products are helpful to the following customers:

Customers that have obtained or are working to obtain various certifications(ISO22000/FSSC22000)

⇒ The management of purchased materials based on the of ISO/TS22002-1 is required.

Customers that have introduced or are working to introduce the HACCP management method

⇒ Management of purchased materials is not mandatory. However, if the relevant material is judged to be a critical point of control as a result of risk analysis at the customer’s site, management of the material is mandatory.

Kitchen wipes are often used near foods and have risks of contamination and bacterial permeation. Therefore, it is necessary to use safe, high-quality products.

KURAFLEX™  COUNTER CLOTH has obtained HACCP International's certification for its products in terms of quality and safety. This has the advantage of reducing the customer's workload of managing purchased materials.