As a member of the Kuraray Group, we will constantly develop and provide safe, high-quality products and services.

Safety and Quality of Products and Services

We contribute to the society by supplying safe, reliable and high-quality products and services.

We fully confirm safety of our products before we put them into the market and we also confirm full compliance of our products with regulatory and industrial requirements.

Our Commitment

  • We ensure conformity with product safety requirements and related regulations and standards at every stage of our activities i.e., from R&D to production, delivery, storage and sales.
  • We provide adequate information and safety instructions with respect to the use and handling of our products when we deliver them.
  • In the event of product defects, complaints, or if safety problems or points requiring improvements are discovered, those issues should be reported immediately to the supervisor or manager of the relevant department. Upon investigation into the actual circumstances, we will take appropriate action to solve such issues.
  • We measure and record product date properly. Under no circumstances, will product data be falsified or concealed.

Hardware Measures

We have entered fields that require high quality control, including cosmetics, medical, and foods.
To satisfy requirements in these fields, we have been creating an environment that enables advanced quality control, such as tamper prevention measures and bacteriological control.

Hardware Measures

HACCP product's certification

Kuraray Kuraflex is the first Japanese company to receive certification for kitchen wipes. Kuraray Kuraflex will keep contributing to the food industry with the kitchen wipes for the safety and the hygiene of foods.

quality-contents haccp

HACCP is a quality control system

It manages the food safety risks and quality by risk analysis of risks and control to foresee and prevent the troubles (e.g. contamination) in all process from the material of the food to its production and the delivery by the regular observation and recording, the producers reduce the defective products.

About HACCP product's certification